Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dragging A Tire Named BOLO

If there are no ups and downs in your life ... It means your dead ........
~ Anonymous ~

As a result, of having a pinched nerve between my toes (Morton's Neuroma) and trying to rehab it while staying active, I have started to cross train more to keep my current level of fitness. I have much to be thankful with regards to my running and life from this past year. My training has allowed me to reach new personal bests. I have been denying & trying to moderate while running through this running “niggle” the past couple of months. A couple of my toes started stinging while running back in October. I would just go to my happy place in my mind and it would not affect me during runs and races. I was hoping I could simply run through the “niggle” and continue to train for Myrtle Beach and the Boston Marathon. The 54 mile race last weekend took the stinging toes to the next level. I have a pinched nerve and it has gotten to the place where I will have shooting pain up my hip if I do not alter my gate in some way. We all know that if I alter my running gate then I am going to create bigger problems down the road.
What am I going to do about it? ....................keeping a Positive Mindset and taking Action are my Choices
I am going to look at this rehab period as an opportunity instead of a setback by seeing a trained Sports Doctor and do more cross training. I feel like a polar bear as I am been icing my feet a couple of times a day for months. I also have been getting heat treatment with an awesome Physical Therapist (Pam Roseman). I am able to ride a bike and elliptical machine without any problems. I also have created BOLO, which is an evil red tire I drag behind me while I power hike on the track.
Why name a tire BOLO? 

 The name comes from a famous wrestler who was known to fight dirty in the 50's and early 60’s. He wore a mask and was feared by all. Wrestling fans knew you did not want to mess around with the Great BOLO.

Dragging a tire (BOLO) is a great way to get my heart rate in my aerobic zone (150-160 beats per minute) without the pounding of running. BOLO weighs around 23lbs and costs $6.51 to build.


BOLO's Tire Parts:

·       Old tire I got free from a local tire repair shop- they have tons of old tires and have to pay to have them removed so you have many free choices
·       Bolt (with a circle at the top) with a washer and lock nut: $1.89 at Lowes Hardware


·         26” bicycle inner tube from Walmart: $4.62

·         10ft of cord/rope: Had it laying around the house
·         Carabiner: Had it laying around the house

·         Paint: Had it laying around the house
I took the inner tube, crisscross it so it appears as a figure eight, and use it as a harness around my shoulders. It is important to use something (bungee cords also work) with some give as your tire can jar your body when it decides to bounce off the surface.


My first workout was fun and challenging. I power hiked around the track and when I would get to 1 of the straightaway’s, I would jog to get my heart rate up. I did 4 miles with an average pace of 15 minute miles. It is easier to drag your tire on gravel, grass or dirt than payment. The track turns out to be a good place for me and BOLO (during our morning workouts before work) to spend time together. By having the harness (inner tube) around my shoulders instead of using a weight belt, I am getting much more of a core workout as I have my torso tightened with a slight lean forward to keep BOLO moving. I got the idea of dragging a tire from the book.


Great book- very motivating and shows how we can all overcome our challenges in a positive way. Marshall ran across America in 61 days at age 57. Marshall trained for the 60 mile a day average by dragging a tire. You do not need to be a long distance runner to enjoy the book.

Links to learn more about how to build your own tire to drag:
Happy holidays and hope you can make time to feel better through fitness.



  1. Hope all of that cross training is good for your recovery Martin! Oh... I remember The Great Bolo!

  2. Thanks Richard, hope to see you at a race soon.

  3. Martin, I love sled running for added resistance to build leg strength and reinforce proper speed mechanics. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.