Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year Resolutions for 2014


This past year has been very rewarding, much of the running and fitness changes I made in 2012 showed up in my 2013 results (qualifying for the Boston Marathon, running 4 marathons and 2 ultras (40 & 54 mile) . I am thankful my health has been good, as I have tried to take 1 day a week to rest. I also have taken to heart the training philosophy of “Make easy days easier and make hard days harder.” Most days (recovery runs) I am focused on enjoying the company I am with and the view versus my running pace.
My challenging days have been and will continue to be- Tuesday: Track Day (intervals), Thursday: Tempo Run (5 miles or more) and the last 5-9 miles on my long runs on Saturdays.


I started cross training with BOLO (dragging my tire), weights, plyometrics and cardio (bike, stair stepper & elliptical) at lunch during the week and I think it has allowed me to increase my mileage and expand into Ultra (longer than marathons) races without injuries.
My running family continues to develop as my close friends. I look forward to catching up with them and hearing about their family during the week and helping them achieve their fitness goals. It is so true. “The more I help others, the more they help me.”

I cannot stress enough how important it is to run with others to stay focused and motivated. There have been many cold (21 degrees), dark (5:30am) and hot (87 degrees at 6am) days this year where the main reason I came out was to not disappoint my running friends who showed up. DailyMile.Com is a great way to see how your running friends are training when you are not with them, receive encouragement, and stay motivated.

I am committing to the following in 2014:

·   Walk/Run at least 1-mile everyday this coming year: On days when I am taking a rest day, I can still take Luther for a walk around the neighborhood (1.2 miles). It only takes 20 minutes. If I can’t find 20 minutes a day for my fitness then my priorities needed to be reviewed.  My hero, Bill Shire from Charlotte, is coming up on 10,000 days straight of running. I should be able to do 365 days straight. It will also give me more time to spend with Anne on days when we walk Luther.


·   Go to Yoga (Body Flow) class at least once a week: Flexibility is an important part of being an efficient runner and I have not focused on it as much as I should have. Working on gaining more flexibility is another way to increase my chances of not being injured. One theory for the high percentage of knee issues is a result of flexibility problems in other parts of the body.


·        Run on the local trails at least 2 times a month: Any time I can get off the road, my body will appreciate it. Running on trails is also great cross training as it uses different muscles especially in the hips, ankles, and feet. Salisbury Community Park on Hurley School Road has some challenging trails courtesy of the Mountain Bike Club. The park has at least 6 miles of well-marked trails in the woods and at least 8 miles of bike paths.

·        Volunteer at 3 local races: I need to do a better job of giving back with my time to my local running organization (Salisbury Rowan Runners) which has helped and encouraged me.

·        Continue to run with beginning runners: It is so important that I remember how hard it was at first to make running a part of my life. I ran/walked for months before running was bearable and fun. Running with others who were patient with me was the key to me sticking with it.


I am not as concerned about the number of miles I will run in 2014, as I do not have total control as to what happens with injuries. I just want to continue to be excited about running and share my love with others who are willing to get off the couch and strive toward their dreams.



  1. MT - love the idea of 365 days of running and giving back to the running community. I may need to write my goals down rather than have them in my head!

  2. Hi Carrie- I think it is so important to share your goals with your workout buddies so they can help you stay focused and motivated. 1 mile a day walking or running is a great goal. I know you travel and your hotels have a treadmill you can walk on to keep your daily streak going. Take care

  3. Martin... You keep getting more inspirational all the time! I started out this year with no particular goals but after reading this maybe I'd better change that plan. Working with beginning runners is something I used to do more but have gotten away from it, so I think I'll maybe try to get a beginning program going over in the Gastonia area. Probably couch-to-5k. It's always gratifying to see new people get excited about running!

    1. I love jogging with new runners as they are so excited and grateful to have someone running with them. It also makes me run easy on my recovery days. Good Karma.